Redford Safe & Lock was started by Jack Bates in 1973. After working the safe industry at the old Howard Safe in Detroit, he decided to start his own company and named it Redford Safe & Lock. Since 1973, it has been located on Grand River in Redford.

Jack then bought Howard Safe Co and moved it to his location. In 1996, he sold the safe shop and the name off to his son, Alan, and the lock shop parts and supplies to Rob Massard. After 12+ years Alan restarted the lock shop again and now Redford Safe & Lock does both safes and locks again.

In 2015, Redford Safe & Lock bought Cutler Safe & Lock of Dearborn. The owner of Cutler’s, Mike Culter, retired and sold the name and parts to Redford Safe & Lock. Now both the employees of Cutler’s work for us.

In 2016, Redford Safe & Lock bought Dearborn Safe and Lock after it closed and also Mount Clemens Lock and Key.

Redford Safe & Lock is still a family owned and operated company that seeks to provide quality service and parts. Come in and see for yourself.